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How to survive an inner crisis
12 June 2021

Originally, this text was written in Russian in June 2015 and posted on Facebook for my friends to see - a few days before an amazing shift in my life - when I met my beloved teacher, recalibrated to who I really am, healed a ton of things and stepped on a new magical path. This work I am able to do right now - all came from that beautiful shift in my life.

But several days before that shift I had no idea the change was coming.

At that time I was in a strong inner turmoil over what felt like a surprising dead-end, a sudden loss of meaning for what I was doing at the time. I saw no road ahead and was feeling so far away from true me, despite the long road already traveled... To help me cope I wrote the list of things to do while I was in my inner turmoil and felt lost.

I now decided to transform this text into a blog post to create a reminder list of what to do when you are moving through an inner crisis.

I also hope that this text has preserved a bit of that right-before-a-miracle energy. And a bit of trust-your-soul mood. Because that's what helped to try something I hope for... And that changed my life.

I offer this energy and this hope to you now, so you would feel an inner opening and inspiration for your own journey ahead.

Sometimes life suddenly shakes you up and takes away your sense of meaning, direction and purpose. And sometimes that happens out of the blue, without any external reason. Suddenly, your previous goals, values, plans, ideas, aspirations drift away from you. Your Spirit feels lost like you forgot how to breathe. And your human self doesn't know how to... exist in this world anymore.

This period of our life can be tough. Having a dark night of the soul is very real and can be very distressing. Even if your external life looks good to other people. When your soul demands to find a new meaning, there is nothing you can do to hold on to the previous understanding of your life. You need to find a way to move forward.

Here is a list of ideas that may help to survive such time in as much healthy way as possible. This is helping me right. Maybe it could help someone else too.

  • your breath: remember that your breath is connected with your body, your life and the purpose of your incarnation. As long as we are still breathing, there is a reason why we are here.

  • enjoy those things that you still feel capable of enjoying, even if just a little bit: for me, it's the taste of my tea, fresh air through a window, submerging into the bath tub full of water, occasionally a prayer feels good too.

  • praying and telling God and the Universe all about our doubts, pains, talk to them as if you are heard. Because they hear it anyway.

  • do what your body wants to do, without judging either way.

  • keep believing that this period of time has a purpose

  • wash your body regularly and clean your home too

  • remember about breathing, once again.

  • move and make sounds that your body wants - sing, stomp, shake.

  • stay open to hearing answers to your prayers and questions

  • remember how you have survived previous dark nights of your soul and what gifts you gained from that struggle back then.

  • remind yourself that you are bigger than this crisis right now and that you are more than just this once incarnation.

  • remember that your existence helps other beings, even though most of the time we have no idea about exactly it works.

  • if you have energy, spend time with your friends and peers engaged in gentle, compassionate, slow, deep conversations to exchange perspectives on life and meaning of living, talk from your heart, not your head

  • give yourself all support that you feel may help and that your body would enjoy, don't refuse to accept actual help!

  • try to stay calm, patient, knowing that one day the dark night will end and you will receive answers, guidance, new sense of meaning and joy.

  • don't trust your head if it tries to put you down and judge your life. Intellect is often pretty limited and not really very wise, especially when you are in depression.

  • listen and read those people with whom your heart feels love and resonance.

  • if you know your places of power (physical palces where you tend to feel inspired and connected) - go there.

  • if you have energy for action and struggle to choose a direction for this energy (and feel frustrated about it), do something simple, material, visible, physical. For example, I am cross-stitching a pattern.

  • don't criticise yourself for being in this period of life. Accept your dark night as a valuable part, even if it is scary and very unclear right now.

  • pay attention to the beauty you actually see in front of you. For example, see the flowers on your window still.

  • share how you really feel wth people and share your thoughts on how you could move forward through this.

This is in no way a full list of ideas or even may not bring solutions quickly, but this is something to do when in a crisis, to keep breathing and living, so thank god for that too.


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Knowing just the next step is enough
19 July 2018

Intuition often shows us the next possible step without reveiling the whole plan. While our intellect struggles with this, our soul actually know that one step at a time in enough to know.

Our intuition is in touch with the reality of our true selves and our dreams. It is also one with, it is deeply connected with what is going on in the whole world around us. So following your inner GPS actually means being really in touch with life.
So what is the next step you know is there for you? (write in a journal or say it out loud to yourself)

The second next step will be revealed after this first one is lived through.

And when you look back ten steps in the future, you might discover that it all looks like there was a perfect plan all along which you were not aware of.

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(Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still)
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