Light language: Mika-el-oma

approx. $28
Watercolours, original.

"Mika-el-oma" - it is pronounced with the stress on the "i" and on the last "a".

Question to you:
What do you feel or what comes to mind when you see this painting, read its name or hear the sound for it? Trust yourself.

As with any such light language creations, its meaning depends on who is connecting and resonating with it - so trust your own understanding first. However, with this particular one there seems to be a connection to Archangel Michael in his protective and cleansing aspect.

How are such light language paintings made?
First, some energy comes to me and often it has a sound, like a word of a foreign, very foreign language. I stay connected to that sound and slowly paint the sound with colours and shapes.

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painting size: 13 х 18 cm

collection: Light Language

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