Red Magenta Rise

approx. $27
watercolours & gouache, original.

Question to you:
What is rising in you? What wants to be more clear?

Video to see how the colours shift and to hear the light language sound: watch & listen here.

This painting was accompanied by a light language sound - "Miwa-wa-wa-woo" (stress on the "i" and the last "oo", listen to the video).
As with any such light language creations, its meaning depends on who is connecting and resonating with it - so trust your own understanding of it.

How are such light language paintings made?
First, some energy comes to me and often it has a sound, like a word of a foreign, very foreign language. I stay connected to that sound and slowly paint the sound with colours and shapes.

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painting size: 13 х 18 cm

collection: Rays of Colour

collection: Light Language

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